Gladiator Oldies​

About us

Our Story

The Olde English Bulldog is the perfect dog to fall in love with. Their eagerness to please and goofy character allows them to earn the love of the family! This is our story, it began with our puppy named Luna. We did not initially want to breed her until we realized we had a great specimen. After researching , studying, planning and talking to our vet  we decided to have our first litter. Ever since then we have been blessed to have oldies with great temperament, structures, and health. We get excited when we meet our puppies and ensure they go to the best possible homes. We keep in contact with most of the adopting families and are always available for advice or help.  

Our Goal

At Gladiator Oldies we strive for the highest quality puppies we can produce. We are selective with the studs we use, as well as the vets we work with. The Olde English Bulldog was created in the 70s to help fix the out of shape English Bulldog which has a long list of health conditions. The Olde English Bulldog was crossed with Mastiff and Pitbull lines to help recreate the Olde English bulldog. The results have been dogs that have a more muscular tone and athletic abilities that the English bulldog just does not have. Our vision of the Olde English carries more of a  English Bulldog headpiece with a more compact structure and great drive and most importantly  great with kids and smaller animals.  We want our dogs to be loving house dogs! With a great temperament for families but still have the the ability to bark at strange noises or stand their ground if they feel the need to protect.  Once you bring an Oldie to your family home they understands they are the family Gladiator.